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Hønefoss Church

A quick history roundup of Hønefoss church
Hønefoss church is a church on Sørsiden in Hønefoss city in Ringerike municipality. The church was wedged on December 10, 2017.

The area originally sued to Norderhov Kirke, but after Hønefoss had a city status in 1852, it worked for its own church. It was designed by Christian Heinrich Grosch and married in 1862. The church burned down to the ground on January 26, 2010.

After the fire the fire was cleared, and where the church had stood there was an altar of burned logs from the burned church. Planning of a new church took place, and an architectural competition was held in 2013. This was won by LINK architecture with the project "Sky".

The facilities of Hønefoss church
The church is listed in the same place where the former church stood and resembles Ålgård Church, which was designed by the same architectural firm. It is a monumental building, but with an untraditional form of a church building. The building is lowest at the entrance to the west and highest in the east. Inside there is church church, dining room and 20 offices on the ground floor, while the church room itself is one floor higher. Downstairs has a large kitchen, storage room, technical rooms and wardrobes. The building has a low entrance to the center of Hønefoss and a curved roof rises monumental to the east. The fund wall is 14 meters tall and also conceals the church bells.

The church has an altarpiece made by Peter Sutton. It is over eleven meters tall and covers 160 square meters of fund wall. The motif is based on a cross, and the board is made of glass tiles and eikelamels. It covers the organ, built by the German Rensch Orgelbau

Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: Visit Innlandet

Hønefoss Church

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