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Fine little stroll from the Høsebrua bridge to Garaneset industrial zone, then back to the town of Sand. You walk on a gravelled pathway and sidewalk suitable for baby carriages.

Fun things to see for kids on this round - the imposing rapids of the Sandsfossen, the salmon stairs and the wild salmon in the Salmon Studio. Upon return, we suggest a visit to the playful White Bear King Valemon exposition at the Nesasjøhuset (Ryfylke Museum) - here children can dress up as princes or princesses and play in a fairytale landscape. Fargeriet Kafé is a popular place for a lunch stop.

Høsebrua lies in the village of Sand in Suldal. The bridge is a footbridge over the Suldalslågen salmon river. It lights up beautifully on dark autumn and winter nights and leads to the recreational area across the river. The bridge won Bridge of the Year from Travel + Leisure Magazine in 2014. Architect: Sami Rintala/ Eggertsson og Ivan Kroupa.

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke



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