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Høyanger Church

Høyanger Church is centrally located in the city center of Høyanger

Høyanger church was consecrated by bishop Ragnvald Indrebø in 1960. The church was designed by Arnstein Arneberg and Olav S Platou. Arneberg was in his time one of the leading architects in the country. He was, among other things, involved in the design of Oslo City Hall and the crown prince couple's residence Skaugum.

The church was a gift from the aluminum industry in Høyanger. The church has 374 seats. And is built in basilica style.The stained glass in the church was made by Borgar Hauglid Andersen and depicts Jesus on the cross. Underneath is a mosaic, made by Anders Ragnvald, who sees the Phoenix. This is an unusual motif in Nordic church architecture.

Built in brick

Høyanger church is a modern church built in brick. But is not a working church, which came in the 70s. Høyanger church is centrally located in the townscape of Høyanger, and was the last element that came into place, from the plan that Høyanger was built according to.

When is the Church open?

Høyanger Church is open every Saturday from 13.00 - 15.00


22 June - 24 August

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Høyanger Church

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