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Høyt & Lavt Trysil

Experience Trysil from the treetops.

An exciting day with Høyt & Lavt Trysil!

Climbing park is a fabulous outdoor experience that gets your adrenaline pumping and gives you that feeling of accomplishing a challenge.The climbing park have eight courses of varying difficulty. Our courses are ranked using colours like they do at alpine skiing resorts.

Orange coursesare the easiest and black courses are the most challenging. The courses feature zip-lines, nets, ropes and other fun obstacles and challenges. There is something for everyone!

Bring your friends and family on a high-flying adventure!

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Good to know:

Ideal for both children and adults. Children under the age of 6 must be accompanied on the slopes by a responsible adult. The maximum weight limit for adults is 120 kg. Before climbing, all guests are given training and instruction on how to use the climbing equipment. Guides are stationed in the climbing area and ready to assist anyone who needs a helping. hand. Clothing: We recommend that you wear sports/fitness clothing or light hiking gear. Running or hiking shoes with a solid sole are preferred. In case of rain, we recommend you bring some light waterproof clothing with you.



Høyt & Lavt Trysil

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