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Høyt under taket Kokstad

At Høyt Under Taket everyone is invited to climb, without any requirements when it comes to experience. Choose between easy and hard routes or bouldering.

Høyt Under Taket are inviting everybody to come and climb, without any requirements when it comes to experience. Høyt Under Taket Kokstad creates a unique climbing experience for both kids and youngsters that normal climbing gyms can’t.

Adventure climbing

Adventure climbing is perfect for the unexperienced climber or if you just want to have some fun. The adventure climbing part includes colorful climbing and theme walls and is what sets Høyt Under Taket apart from ordinary climbing gyms. This type of climbing suits the whole family. The kids will have a great time, and the grown-ups might meet challenges the kids solve much easier. It will always feel safe and is a good introduction to climbing as a sport.

Climbing walls

It requires no previous experience with climbing to use the climbing walls. You can choose between easy and hard routes, and all routes are marked with difficulty level. When climbing the walls, you’ll make use of autobelays which you clip into before you start climbing. When visiting Høyt Under Taket Kokstad the climbing hosts will give you a free introduction to autobelays and how to operate them.

If climbing on top rope or lead climbing, bring your own gear.


Bouldering (climbing without ropes) works for everybody and demands no experience whatsoever. At Høyt Under Taket Kokstad you’ll find a rich bouldering area with something for everybody. New bouldering challenges are created continuously, so there will always be something new to explore. The bouldering challenges are marked by difficulty level after the French method and there is something for both the newcomer and the experienced climber.


At Høyt Under Taket Kokstad you can take qualifying courses that gives you the skill to climb at climbing gyms by yourself. During the course you’ll learn belay techniques, using the equipment correctly and correct behavior at a climbing gym to be able to maintain your own and your fellow climbers’ safety.

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Source: Visit Bergen


Høyt under taket Kokstad

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