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Hadeland – Rånåsen round trip

This family-friendly walk takes you from Lia up to the hill of Rånåsen, a pleasant hike of around 6 kilometres.

Start at the road barrier in Lia and follow the path up to Vinstralinja, then follow this down to the small cotter's farm Fremstadgjerdinga.

Now turn left and follow the path up to the hill Rånåsen. The path is signposted the whole way. Along the way, you will pass the remains of an old lumberjack shelter. Follow the path until it forks.

From here you follow Skåvegen (an old timber road) to the top of the hill. Enjoy the magnificent views of Hadeland from Rånåsen, 757 metres above sea level.

You can choose between two routes:
1. Follow the path down to Sandgrava and then the road until you reach the road barrier.
2. Follow the path past the mast down to the road that runs past the old summer farm Hvalebysetra and on to Sandgrava.

Enjoy your trip!

Source: Visit Innlandet


Hadeland – Rånåsen round trip

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