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Harestua - Jevnaker, cycling in Nordmarka (27 km)

A beautiful cycle ride across the northernmost part of Nordmarka with possibilities for extension.

• Level: Easy
• Distance: 27 km
• Altitude: Approximately 500m
• Surface: Asphalt and gravel

Tour description​​​​ and experiences along the way
A beautiful trip that can be cycled from either Harestua or Thorbjørnrud Hotell in Jevnaker.
The trip goes across the northernmost part of Nordmarka. From Harestua, it climbs on asphalt for the first few kilometers before the rest of the trip is on gravel roads. No staffed serving en route. The trip can easily be combined with a hike to Nordmarka's highest peak; Svarttjernshøgda (717 m). If you want to go on this tour, park your bike at Tversjøstallen and follow the blue-marked path.

On arrival in Jevnaker, you can take a well-deserved coffee break or lunch stop at one of Hadeland Glassverk's eateries before cycling back to Harestua. You can follow the same route or cycle via Kalvsjø: follow route 7 from Jevnaker to Kalvsjø, then follow route 10 back to Harestua. You can of course also spend the night in comfortable beds at Thorbjørnrud Hotell and cycle back the next day.

The trip is listed on the Cycle Map for Hadeland. The map can be bought from local hotels, or ordered from the tourist office in Gjøvik - tel. 611 46 710.
The "Fritudshubben" in Harestua rents out good e-bikes. Here you can also buy (bicycle) maps.
Contact: +47 971 80 862

• Download the GPX-file here
• See the route at
See or download the tour map as a regular image

Recommended cycling holidays over several days

Mini cycling holiday with 2 nights
Start: Harestua station

Day 1:
• Arrival by train or car in Harestua
• The trip as described above
• Dinner at Thorbjørnrud Hotel or Hadeland Glassverk
• Accommodation at Thorbjørnrud Hotel

Day 2:
• Cycle tour (round trip) Thorbjørnrud - Kistefos as described here (27km)
• On the way you stop for a visit to Kistefos. Here there are also opportunities to eat lunch in high season
• Accommodation at Thorbjørnrud Hotel

Day 3:
• Cycle ride back to Harestua

This trip can be shortened to a 2-day trip with 1 overnight stay.

Source: Visit Innlandet


Harestua - Jevnaker, cycling in Nordmarka (27 km)

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