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Hatteland Kjemi creates exciting experiences!

Hatteland Kjemi offers professional fireworks, pyrotechnics, laser shows and special effects. These can be combined to create amazing indoor or outdoor shows.

Imagine an outdoor space with flames rising from the ground and waves of laser beams dancing overhead, a spectacle of magic – all courtesy of Hatteland Kjemi. At the end of the event, Hatteland Kjemi synchronises a show to music featuring more multicolour flames, incredible pyrotechnics, and caps it all off with magnificent fireworks display in magical harmony.

Who can use Hatteland Kjemi’s services?

Private individuals


Public institutions

Clubs and associations

Film and TV productions









Hatteland Kjemi has all the certificates needed to create magic. It has excellent internal control systems and is subject to a number of different regulations. A risk assessment is carried out for each individual event.

Take your event to another level with a spectacular fireworks display!

Fireworks create an amazing experience using all types of incredible effects. Hatteland Kjemi paints the sky with spectacular images using different colours and sounds. Who doesn't love the sky filled with golden glitter?

Hatteland Kjemi will tailor a firework display to your event and agree a price with you.

Fireworks are regulated by a number of different laws and regulations, and Hatteland Kjemi has the necessary certificates and equipment to comply with legislation.

Laser show

Guarantee northern lights? Using lasers, Hatteland Kjemi can do just that and create an incredible atmosphere at your event. Just imagine being a guest and seeing the venue bathed in the northern lights. Hatteland Kjemi can achieve this both outdoors and indoors.

What can be done with lasers?

Hatteland Kjemi can provide conventional lasers for concerts, placing lasers on stage and creating beautiful beams of light tailored to the music and vibe.

Draw on a building, car, bridge or anything else you want to outline, such as around a building’s windows and doors.

You can write a text to show on a chosen surface, such as ‘Welcome to Haugesund’ at the top of a building.

Create atmosphere in an outdoor area or inside venue with a wave of lasers gently dancing overhead.

Indoor fireworks and stage pyrotechnics (including arena pyrotechnics)

Hatteland Kjemi can do indoor pyrotechnics effects at your event.

Pyrotechnics for concerts and festivals. Ramstein? No problem – Hatteland Kjemi can make it happen!

Indoor fireworks at an anniversary dinner? A show set to music featuring amazing multicolour effects and spectacular experiences with fireworks flying overhead.


Hatteland Kjemi creates flames in a safe manner, whether outdoors or indoors. Hatteland Kjemi can create small flames, large flames, coloured flames, gas flames, alcohol flames, and can also create a world of fun with:

Flame pots, with low, horizontal flames that can burn throughout an event and are nice for guests to gather around outside, creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Flame machines for stage shows and concerts? Yellow, green, purple, blue and red flames? Hatteland Kjemi can make it happen!

A huge burning heart? No problem! Hatteland Kjemi can make it happen!


Hatteland Kjemi has many different varieties of smoke. Thick smoke, thin smoke or low-lying smoke? A little smoke or a lot of smoke? Smoke without a power supply?

Water effects

Unsure what would work best? Discuss your requirements with Hatteland Kjemi.

Special effects

Exploding cars, burning houses, simulated grenade explosions? Hatteland Kjemi can make it happen!

Last updated: 03/22/2024

Source: Destinasjon Haugesund & Haugalandet

Hatteland Kjemi creates exciting experiences!

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