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Hattfjelldal Museum

The village of Hattfjelldal is surrounded by a vast mountain wilderness with beautiful forests, rivers and lakes. Through the centuries, the mountain people here have developed their own distinct culture and traditions intricately linked to the resources of their environment.

Cultural attractions in Hattfjelldal include the sheriff’s residence (Lensmannsgården), the House of the Mountain People (Fjellfolkets hus), the old general store (Kroken), the school chapel, and the mountain farm of Pantdalssetra. The sheriff’s historic residence in the village centre, built in 1929, now houses the museum’s collection of objects, photographs and books from throughout the municipality. Visitors can relax at the outdoor tables and benches. Visits are by appointment with the museum office in Fjellfolkets Hus.

The House of the Mountain People (Fjellfolkets Hus) attracts locals and visitors alike. Exhibitions document local history and traditions, and fans of Norwegian folk music might be interested in the special exhibition on accordions. This is also where you find the Tourist Information Office, and the house even offers accommodation.

For generations, the old general store in Kroken was a meeting place of three cultures: Norwegians, Swedes and indigenous Sámi. Here they met to trade and exchange information and stories. The old building, which dates from the turn of the last century, has a gallery of photos that documents the local trade and exchanges, as well as a collection of objects. Visits are by appointment with the museum office in Fjellfolkets Hus.

If you want to see a real mountain farm with summer pastures, head for Pantdalssetra. The site, which has recently been restored, shows how the pastures, outfields and resources in the mountains were used in the past.

At Susendal is a small hundred-year-old building that was used as a school as well as a chapel. It too has been restored. Contact Fjellfolkets Hus to request a visit.

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Last updated: 08/10/2023

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Hattfjelldal Museum

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