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Haug Gard - Odelsgut Farm Visit

Beautiful Haug Gard is idyllically located on Fimreite near Sogndal. With views of mountains, fjords and fruit trees, you can also experience farm visits at Haug Gard.

Farm visit at Haug Gard

Our farm is home to an enchanting array of small animals, each with their own unique charm.

Take time to get to know our friendly pigs, cuddle with our adorable lambs and cats, or enjoy a lively symphony of clucks as our beloved chickens roam freely, adding a touch of rustic charm to our idyllic location..

As you connect with these creatures, you will discover the deep joy that comes from connecting with nature's wonderful creatures.

As you explore the farm's landscape, let your sense of adventure soar.

Wander through Fimreite, breathe in the crisp country air and let the fantastic views ignite your imagination.

Whether you frolic in fields of wildflowers, play in the playground, picnic on the 500m private shallow beach or simply find solace in the peace of nature, our farm and surrounding area offer opportunities for rejuvenation and exploration, for young and old.

Prices: Free

Age: Everyone

When: Open farm on Saturdays between 10:00 and 14:00

Or by agreement.

How to get to Fimreite?

21 km from Sogndal.

Embark on a captivating journey from the charming town of Sogndal, where winding roads will lead you through the stunning fjord and majestic landscape, leading you to the historic site of Fimreite.

Every day until August 26, it is possible to rent an electric bike via FjordX from the center of Sogndal or Vesterland - go on an adventurous two-wheeled escapade from Sogndal, where the wind will be your companion as you pedal along scenic views, passing cascading waterfalls and lush valleys.

Bring your own bike or rent an electric bike including a helmet.

You can arrive with FjordX and cycle back, or vice versa.

Order Mail:

Telephone: +47 93 05 08 59


Welcome to us! Odelsgut Alexander and Cecilia

Last updated: 02/11/2024

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS

Haug Gard - Odelsgut Farm Visit

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