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Haugesund Art Gallery - Haugalandmuseet

Experience older and modern art, and contemporary art in one place! Visit Haugesund Billedgalleri, the art museum in Northern Rogaland!

The art facility is beautifully located by the Byparken, north of the center of Haugesund, and is also the venue for the Haugesund art association's sales exhibitions. The museum has a shop, activities for children and young people, and a small café.

The art museum's collection springs from the Haugesund art association's permanent gallery. In 1973, the association gave the collection (444 works of art) as a gift to Haugesund municipality, and the art museum was established the same year. In 2019, the museum was consolidated with Haugalandmuseet AS and is today a department of the art and cultural history regional museum.

The museum has a collection of Norwegian art from the 19th to the 2000s. A center of gravity in the collection are artists with connections to Western Norway, e.g. Ole Frøvig, Fredrik Kolstø, Nikolai Astrup, Bernt Tunold. Another focal point is the museum's woodcuts with national and international art.

The museum was built in three stages: 1919, 1978 and 2004. The oldest building was built as a residence for director Gunnar Bugge. Shipowner and Minister of State Lars Meling and his wife Inga Meling took over the house around 1925. In 1952, the villa and associated property were bequeathed to Haugesund municipality, a gift in line with Lars and Inga Meling's last wish. The main building from 1978 was designed by architect David Sandved. The last extension was completed in the spring of 2004 and was designed by the architectural firm Sandved og Wathne arkitekter AS.

The building has a universal design, a museum shop, and a small cafe.


Last updated: 01/29/2024

Source: Destinasjon Haugesund & Haugalandet

Haugesund Art Gallery - Haugalandmuseet

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