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Haugesund panorama with with GuideCompaniet

In 1854, Haugesund counted 1000 inhabitants and today, the city is known as one of the country's premier trading spots. Crises and backdrops haven't been able to put a stop to the development of this city; Haugesund always fought back in a continuous dance with the sea.

You will visit the highlights, explore the meaning of the herring fisheries to the development of the city and hear all about how thousands of tons of the fish was exported abroad. When the herring disappeared, other industries took over: ship building and the oil industry. Enormous constructions for the oil industry are built in Haugesund.

After the fascinating stories of the gifts from the sea, you will also take a quick dive into the Viking times with a stop at the national monument, where according to Snorre's historical sagas the Viking king Harald Fairhair was buried. Finally you will pass one of Norway's finest city halls and elite parts of the city where shipowners lived in the 18th century. You conclude the tour with a beautiful viewpoint where you can take some pictures to commemorate this beautiful day.

Duration: 2 hours.


Source: Destinasjon Haugesund & Haugalandet


Haugesund panorama with with GuideCompaniet

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