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Heidi’s Sjokoladedrøm – divine handmade chocolate


Heidi always dreamed of becoming a chocolatier – and when you come to Dønna, you can taste the delectable results! Her handmade chocolate is imbued with the raw natural power of Helgeland and the exciting story of her dream come true. Heidi’s shop, situated right on the queue, may be one of the smallest chocolate shops in the world.

In addition to chocolate, Heidi also sells locally produced rhubarb juice, sea salt, fresh-roasted coffee, woollen caps and yarn.

Whether you are making a short visit to Dønna or staying several days, be sure to visit her shop, Heidis Sjokoladedrøm. You’ll find the opening hours posted on her Facebook page, or call to agree on a time to visit. Booking a visit is requested especially for groups that want to visit the sought-after chocolatier. In a group visit, lunch or dinner may be included, as well as a lecture on the history and craft of fine chocolate making. Heidi is delighted to take a break from her production to be your host.

If you are sailing the coast, there is a guest harbour near the chocolate shop. If you are travelling by car or cycling, you will pass several cultural attractions on the way to the quay called Stavsengkaien.

The island of Dønna has many highlights, and some unusual attractions, such as the largest stone phallus in Northern Europe.

On the quay across the bay is Dønna Rorbuer Bøteriet, which has charming holiday apartments and a distinctive restaurant. A few kilometres away, at the foot of Dønnesfjellet, you’ll find a beautiful medieval church, as well as Norway’s largest and best-preserved burial chamber. Also worth a visit is the adjoining Dønnes Gård, a former vicarage. Do consider taking the 2–3 km walk on the cultural trail to the top of Dønnesfjellet (127 m), which has a magnificent view of the Helgeland coast. If you want something more challenging, take the mountain hike up Dønnamannen (858 m), one of the most famous mountains on the Helgeland coast.

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Last updated: 08/14/2023

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Heidi’s Sjokoladedrøm – divine handmade chocolate


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