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Heksas Kjøkken

Welcome to Heksas Kjøkken in Hogga.

We are a family business that established itself in a cozy lock guard home along the Telemark Canal by Hogga lock.

Fresh air, good home-cooked food, nice hosts, a bunch of little trolls and mohair goats are what you will find with us. We make almost everything from our menu from scratch, use short-distance food and really appreciate a healthy diet - homemade cakes are a part of it and :)

Our menu is more or less season based so you can expect elk / deer stew in the autumn, Christmas porridge / cured meats in winter (maybe you can meet "Fjøsnissen" here and there?) And lovely salad with fresh berries, light dinners / soups, spread in summer. In addition to this, we have made cakes and desserts at home all year round. We also cater and arrange small parties (up to 15 pers.)

Menu we make based on their needs - take a trip here and we will find a solution. Witch's Kitchen is a place we built with lots of love and soul - it's our job and home, we hope we can keep the wheel going all year round and we hope we can share the joy of food with you. Feel free to visit the Facebook page and our Insta - Heksas Kjøkken

Last updated: 01/05/2024

Source: Visit Bø

Heksas Kjøkken

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