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Helgøy Skyssbåt

Helgøy skyssbåt

Helgøy Skyssbåt offers boat transport, sightseeing and company tours. They specialize in Ryfylke, but also take on assignments outside the region.

Helgøy Skyssbåt is headquartered on the island of Helgøy in Årdalsfjorden in Ryfylke. The captains know every little islet and reef in the region's fjords.

The family-run company tailors tours for all occasions.

Although they are experts on waters in Ryfylke, they also take on assignments to Hardanger, Stavanger and other places outside the region.

They have several modern boats of different sizes. The capacity varies from 6 to 147 passengers. All boats have nice lounges and panorama windows.

Last updated: 11/29/2023

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke

Helgøy Skyssbåt


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