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The Helgeroa ferries run on a summer route between Helgeroa and Langesund. A fantastic experience among islands and boulders!

A fantastic experience among islands and boulders!
The Helgeroa ferries run on a regular route from Helgeroa to Langesund from St. Hans until mid-August. In July, the Helgeroa ferries also run on a regular route on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from Langesund to Valle.

Charter trips
The weekend ferries offer private tours for you and your company. They have extensive experience with weddings, birthdays, business trips, etc. So here the archipelago can really be experienced with pleasant hosts.

Accommodation on Store Arøya!
Treat yourself to a stay in historical surroundings and enroll at Arøyaskolen. Here it is everything from dormitory to apartment with room for two families. Prices from 150, - per night.

Jump from island to island
Take the boat from Helgeroa to Langesund early in the morning and get off at, for example, Siktesøya, and here you can enjoy a whole day with family or good friends. Bathing places and fishing opportunities. You can walk across the island to take a boat on to Brevik where you can stroll around, shop and eat. If you want more of the islands, you can take a boat to Sandøya and Bjørkøya. The Brevik ferries have two departures to Langesund where you take the Helgeroa ferries back to Helgeroa

A gem in the Langesundsfjord
A gem you must experience in the Langesundsfjord is Langøya. The small island is located directly opposite Langesund and here you can tent, swim, go hiking or enjoy a better meal on the main farm which has an open restaurant in summer.

Taxi boat
The Helgeroa ferries are located on Stokkøya and you can contact them for a taxi boat all year round. 

Source: VisitGrenland AS



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