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Helicopter Sightseeing Loen | Fjord Helikopter

Experience the unique and wonderful surroundings with a birds eye view. In just 20 min you can experience the fantastic views of Europe's largest mainland glacier, deep fjords and mountains that have collapsed both once and twice.

This tour starts in Nordfjord before we head towards Oldendalen and Klovane. From Klovane, the mountain drops steeply before we cross Oldendalen and climb up over the plateau of the Jostedalsbreen. Then we’ll fly out into Nesdalen. Here we pass Mt. Ramnefjell, which collapsed in both 1905 and 1936. Beyond Loenvatnet lake, we glide calmly down towards Loen and land on Tyvaneset. 
Don’t forget the camera!

Maximum capacity / tour

7 people
110kg / person

540kg / group

Fjord Helikopter are offering tours from Loen, Stryn, Geiranger and Nordfjordeid.

Would you like to experience more of the Norwegian scenery?

20 min à 10200 NOK
30 min à 15400 NOK
60 min à 26800 NOK
90 min à 39200 NOK

Please contact us for more information.

Source: Nordfjord


Helicopter Sightseeing Loen | Fjord Helikopter

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