Helselaben Gym

Helselaben training is a functional fitness studio where you can train alone, in assorted group sessions or with ou personal trainers Helselaben clinic is a multidisciplinary private clinic in Hemsedal that gathers different therapists on one place.


Opening hours gym:
Mon - Sun 06.00-23.00

Personal training: Helselaben has 2 skilled personal trainers available.



Our therapists diagnose, tailor treatment and create a customized treatment plan for you. Helselaben has a comprehensive multidisciplinary treatment and rehabilitation program for each individual patient. We base our treatment on a well-documented and effective treatment tailored to each patient. For us, prevention and education of patients are as important as the symptomatic treatment.

Available drop-in

Online booking

We offer:
* Manual Therapy
* Chiropractic
* Nutriontal therapy
* Health coaching
* Massage

Last updated: 12/02/2023

Source: Hemsedal.com

Helselaben Gym

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