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Helvete Nature Park Café

Hevete Nature Park Cafe is situated at Northern Europe's largest potholes!

Helvete Nature Park Cafe is situated at Northern Europe's largest potholes, and the cafe serves both Norwegian and Thai homemade food by the chef Surina with a passion for cooking. 

The café is serving freshly made waffles, dinner, lunch and coffee.

Exploring this area named Helvete (Hell) is one of Norway’s most exciting wilderness adventures – a vast gorge where large "hollows" were formed towards the end of the last Ice Age when water and rocks from the melting ice rotated inside the mountain. You get to see how the bedrock has been carved and shaped by the forces of nature – a natural wonder. The largest is 40 metres deep, and has a 25 metre diameter. Helvete's formations date back to the end of the last Ice Age, approx. 10 000 years ago.

Source: Visit Lillehammer


Helvete Nature Park Café

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