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Herberg Lille

What about to try this farn for your next meeting?

Welcome to Herberg Lille!

A beautiful traditional farm located in Nes on Romerike, only 40 minutes drive from Gardermoen airport.

Here we deal with beef, grass, grain, and forest production. We also have happy pigs out in season, and some very nice hens in the yard. The stable on the farm has 6 stables that we have filled up with dole horses, and a mouse catcher called the Mackerel.

The farm is idyllically located on Oppakermoen, a short walk from the banks of the Glomma with the popular white beaches Daskerud and Frognerstrand with bustling life in summer.

In winter, you can strap on your skis outside the door and use the beautiful ski slopes that pass the yard and stretch kilometer after kilometer in beautiful terrain, or go ice skating on the Glomma itself if it has safe ice.

We have the Vingerske Kongeveg through the yard and it is worth a walk. The trail is signposted and there are several beautiful picnic areas along the trail. Here you can travel on foot with or without a dog, and you can rent a horse from the farm to ride or drive in this beautiful landscape. We are happy to provide a guide.

Not far away you will find the path up to the popular view peak Eievarden. Here you can practically see almost the whole of Nes. The trail is signposted and marked.


Meeting room, function room, diningroom, courses and conferences

In our newly built operating building, which was completed in 2021, we have started up dining rooms with courses and conference rooms. Here we have AV equipment, audio and video and both 5G and 4G available.

We have called it “Kvisten”, and here we can place 44 persons. (possibly insert extra tables and make room for a maximum of 50 p.)

The “Kvisten” is unique in the design up on the 2nd floor above the horse stable. With old style and beautifully decorated walls with old handicrafts and furniture of old style. There is also a large window where you can look down on the animals in the barn. This is very popular for young and old.

We have all the rights, and serve food made with short-distance ingredients from our dear colleagues in the areas of Romerike. We are concerned about good animal welfare, and only serve food that has had a good and rich life with good space and plenty of outdoor time and with healthy, fresh herbs and vegetables from the village.

Here we can rent out only the premises, or we tailor your meeting, course or company for you so that you can get to the covered table with full service. We put the menu together. It will be the season's raw materials and we make all the arrangements unique.

Pig from the farm, vildlife, cattle, fish, cold and warm buffet, tapas and much more exciting. We take allergies into account.

Cakes and desserts, wheat baking and lots of other goodies in the cake counter.

Onehorse open sleigh

We also offer sleigh rides with horses to our guests. It puts an extra good mood on the companies when you can join a time travel back in time to the good old days with horses, torches, jingle bells and sheep traps.

We roll out the red carpet down the barn bridge, light torches and can light fires in the fire pans out in the yard to set the mood.

Here we can also arrange some outdoor activities such as ax throwing, horseshoe throwing, etc.

Get in touch to book your arrangement here with us.

Source: Visit Greater Oslo


Herberg Lille

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