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Herdla Museum - Museum Vest

Herdla Museum is located on Askøy,  approx. 45 km from Bergen. Exhibitions about how the moraine island of Herdla was formed, the German World War II air base including a wreck of a German Gul-16 fighter plane, and about the unique local bird life.

Experience the nature and history

Herdla is the perfect destination for those who want to combine a visit to the museum with outdoor pursuits. After a 45-minute drive from Bergen to Herdla Fort, you will find the perfect starting point for visiting the bird reserve and the remains of the German fort on the island.  

The museum is located in a distinctive modern building with panoramic views of Herdla Fort. It houses both permanent and temporary exhibitions. 

Gul-16 – from fighter aircraft to cultural heritage On 15 December 1943, the German fighter aircraft ‘Gul-16’ took off from its base on Herdla. Straight after take-off, the aircraft got into trouble and had to make an emergency landing in the sea and sank. It was raised from the sea 64 years later, and is now the museum’s main attraction.  

History, nature and the environment:There is a permanent exhibition about the birdlife on Herdla. The various temporary exhibitions cover many different topics, such as history, nature and the environment. 


Guided tours: Up until 2006, Herdla torpedo battery was a top-secret defence facility. The fully-equipped battery is now listed as a cultural monument. A guided tour through the facility is like travelling back in time to the Cold War. The tour takes approx. 1 hour 15 minutes. 

Birdwatching: Herdla is the richest and most important birdlife area in the region and well adapted for visitors. You will receive information about routes you can take to experience the birdlife without disturbing it. The museum can also organise guided bird walks. From the lovely bird hide, you can take photos, watch the birdlife and enjoy your packed lunch. 

Walks, fishing and bathing: There are also great fishing and bathing spots nearby. At the museum, you can also get tips about walks and other things to do and see on the island. 

Café and museum shop: There is a café at the museum, which serves warm and cold drinks, cakes and snacks. Free admission to the museum for children. There is a bus service to Herdla several times a day (bus number 499 from the bus station in Bergen).  

The museum can also open on request for groups. The museum has a universal design. 

Source: Visit Bergen


Herdla Museum - Museum Vest

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