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Hike to Håfjellet

A nice hike to Håfjellet mountain, available year round.


Halsnøy, Ålamarkjo


Fritidskartet Halsnøy–Fjelberg, scale 1:20 000 The map can be purchased at the store Buketten, Sæbøvik. Eides Bensinstasjon, Eidsvik. Fjelberg Landhandel, Fjelberg.

Start and stopping point

The parking lot by Lake Gravdalsvatnet, between Gravdal and Sjøvangen (Sjoango).


Drive past the traffic roundabout at Tofte and turn towards Høylandsbygd. At the intersection by the sharp left turn in Gravdal, turn right towards Sjøvangen. Drive up the long hill along Lake Gravdalsvatnet to a small parking lot at the right side of the road, by the south end of the lake.


Information Board by the parking lot. Signs and T Markings


Blue Easy hike, one boot according to the DNT system. Round track.

Difference in altitude

80 - 220m AMSL

Estimated time

1.5 hours as a round trip via Håfjellet. 2.5 hours as a long round trip via Tjodbergshaugen.

Recommended advice

This path is of good quality and relatively dry for the entire length. There are some wetter areas if you choose the long round trip. There is more information on round trips under "Overview". Follow the signs and markings.


From the parking lot 100 meters on a forest road to a small hilltop where the path turns left. The path reaches the top from the northeast. From Håfjellet, an alternative return can be down towards the east to the parking lot, first on the path and then on the forest road. Follow the markings towards Tjoberghaugen to a fork under a rock face and along the rock face towards the left to the forest road. From the intersection between the forest road and the road to Sjøvangen, it is 200 meters north along the main road to the parking lot. The long route via Tjobergshaugen goes southwest from the fork under the rock face. The incline to Tjobergshaugen from the east is rather steep. Return on the same path to the fork under the rock face. Turn right along the rock face to the forest road. From where the forest road meets the main road, it is approx. 200 meters north to the parking lot.

Source: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland


Hike to Håfjellet

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