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Dale i Sunnfjord

Hike to Heileberget (Fløgen)

By the mighty Dalsfjord lies the impressive hike to Heileberget, also called Fløgen. From an altitude of 761 meters, you get a powerful nature experiences

Heileberget is popular summit hike with a fantastic view of the Dalsfjord and the islands to the west. Here you can enjoy a great view 761 masl.

Where is Heileberget?

The mighty mountain lies over the Dalsfjord bridge that connects Askvoll and Fjeler.

How to get to Heileberget, Fløgen?Starting from Bergen:

From Bergen, drive E39 towards Ålesund. After the ferry from Oppedal to Lavik, take Fylkeveg 607 towards Dale in Sunnfjord. Drive over the Dalsfjord Bridge. Just before you reach the tunnel on the other side, turn off at the car park on your right. It takes about 3.5 hours from Bergen to Dale. It is also possible to use the express boat that has daily departures from Bergen to Askvoll. From Askvoll you can hire a bike that will take you to Heileberget.

Starting from Måløy

Drive via Fv614 to the ferry Måløy - Oldeide. After the ferry you drive towards Førde, further towards Askvoll and Dale. It takes about 3.5 hours from Måløy to Dale.

Season for the hike to Heileberget

The season for the mountain tour is from March to November when there is no snow or ice.

Tour description to Heileberget

When you have parked at Otterstein, on the Askvoll side of the Dalsfjord bridge, you will find a marked hiking trail nearby. The path up to Heileberget is well marked. It has a steady, hard climb with some steeper sections, but there is no need for climbing on the way up. The trip is relatively demanding, but there is no climbing.

Source: Visit FjordKysten


Hike to Heileberget (Fløgen)

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