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Hike to Hestetinden in Måløy

Walk to Hestetinden, also called "The horse", 330 meters above sea level, and be rewarded with a stunning view

A trip to Hestetinden, also known as "The Horse", is a great trip for the whole family.

Where is Hestetinden located?

Hestetinden is located west of Vågsvåg and offers a beautiful view of Einevarden and the village of Kvalheim. To the east, you can glimpse the Island of Vågsøy's highest mountain, Veten, and towards Hornelen and Vågsfjorden. To the south you can see Husevåg and Bremanger, and to the west lies Klovningen.

How do I get to Hestetinden?

The trip starts in Vågsvåg. You can take local transport that takes you about 2 km from the starting point, or you can park nearby. Parking is available here for a fee.

From the pier in Vågsvåg, follow the path that takes you to the top. The path follows an old road before heading up into the mountains after about 200 metres. Expect some slippery rocks here. The trail is well marked and suitable for the whole family. There are some breezy sections on the way up. At the top you are rewarded with a beautiful view of the sea. The hike is also perfect if you want to watch the sunset in the west.

Season for the hike to Hestetinden

It is possible to hike up to Hestetinden all year round. During periods of heavy rain, you should expect some wet sections. There may also be some slippery rocks all year round.

Hiking terrain

The hike is mostly in rough terrain.

Source: Visit FjordKysten


Hike to Hestetinden in Måløy

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