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Hike to Hundsøyra

Admire the view from Hardingaskaret and Maurangerfjord.


Nordrepollen, Mauranger.

Walking map

Folgefonna National Park.

Starting and finishing point

At the turn-off to Svartedalen, just before Markjelkevatnet lake.


Drive 12 km from Nordrepollen on a well-maintained, hard-surface construction road to the car park and information board at the turn-off to Svartedalen just before Markjelkevatnet lake.


Information board at the starting point.
Painted T signs on cairns and signposts.
During snowy winters, the trail partly crosses large snowdrifts that cover the signs. Do the walk in fine weather and follow the cairns that have been erected on high ground.


Black. Demanding, five boots pursuant to the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) system.

Altitude difference

740 – 1,464 metres.

Total time

Eight hours there and back.

Good advice

The weather can change quickly by the glacier up in the mountains. Bring appropriate clothing for wet and cold weather.
This is also a great skiing trip in May/June.

Description of walk

On a construction road 500 metres up to Svartedalsdammen reservoir. The rest of the walk is mostly in mountain terrain.

Hardingaskaret ridge, above Austrepollen, is a pleasant spot for a break, and a short walk down the ridge to admire the view is recommended. It is incredible that there has been a drove road up here for horses and cattle. It was also possible to walk to the Sørfjord through Kvitnadalen valley from here. A tourist trail was later established on Hardingaskaret ridge that went on to Hundsøyra, Holmaskjer and down to Odda. There was a risk of landslides on Hardingaskaret ridge, and from the 1860s the bridle road from Gjerde around Møsevatnet lake to Hundsøyra became the preferred route. From 1890, the 'Keisarstien' road (Emperor's path) from Sunndal was the most-used road.
Hundsøyra is situated at the edge of the glacier and is marked by the biggest cairn in the area. Here, you can see far and wide in all directions. For those who have experience of walking on glaciers, Holmaskjer and the descent to Odda are only an hour away.

Source: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland


Hike to Hundsøyra

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