Hike to Keipen with campfire and food - like the locals

Experience the region's most fantastic view of fjords and mountains with a campfire and food on Keipen.

Experience the regions most amazing view of fjords and mountains combined with a campfire and food at Keipen.

When you want to make something extra of your tour, it is a tradition in Northern-Norway to make a campfire and prepare some light food on top of the mountain. This amazing experience is something we want to offer you.

Our adventure starts at about 350 meters above sea level, and already after about 10 minutes walk we get above the tree line and get a taste of the view awaiting us. We take our time towards the top, and after about an hour we reach Keipen with its 500 meters above the sea. From the top we get the most amazing panorama view of Toppsundet, Kasfjord and Andfjord. On the other side we see towards the steep mountains of Grytøya, that tell the tale of the last Ice Age.
Close to the top we have a longer rest to enjoy some hot drinks, make a bonfire and prepare a light meal.

To make this hike a good experience we recommend good hiking shoes and clothes according to the wather. The trail to the top is a mixture of marsh, rocks and roots, but medium input will with this tour give maximum output.

If you want to experience one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the region along with one of our local guides, and would like to tailor it for your own experience, don't hesitate to contact us,

Last updated: 05/10/2022

Source: Destination Harstad

Hike to Keipen with campfire and food - like the locals

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