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Hike to Laviksåta, Lavik

Laviksåta, which towers 712 meters above sea level, is one of the highest peaks in Hyllestad and Høyanger and a well-known hiking destination for hikers

Laviksåta - Panoramic fjord view

The tour starts from the car park at Lavikstølane. Lavik IL has marked and guarded the trail. It is a red-marked trail all the way. There may be some wet sections from the start to about halfway to Laviksåta. The path is steep, but not a challenging section.The first half of the way to the top is rather difficult. The slopes are steep, and the ground loses strength. After 10-20 minutes of walking, you can already see the valley deep below you. But about halfway up, the terrain changes. It flattens out; it opens up in front of you, and you have a view into the Sognefjord and westward across the Åfjord towards Lifjellet, Alden and the archipelago beyond.

You cross the municipal border between Høyanger municipality and Hyllestad municipality before the final climb to the top. A stone yard marks the municipal boundary.

About the trip:

Moderately demanding trip

Length: 4.7 km

Time: 2 hours round trip

Altitude: 635 in total

Season: April - December

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Hike to Laviksåta, Lavik

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