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Hike to Mælen, Leikanger

Mælen (976 m) - Great mountain hike at Leikanger with a wonderful view of the fjord

Hiking in the village of Leikanger - To Mt. Mælen - With Fjord View 

- Demanding hike

- 5.3 km

- Start from Engjasete

- 695 MASL 

- Season: May - September

Start Grinde:

Follow the road up to Grinde, about 6 km west of Hermansverk, Leikanger. Drive up to the last bend on the road before you come up to Engjasete. From here on a well-visible path past Orrasete, past Hedlesete, which is a nice vantage point, and towards Dalsbotten.

Turn off to the southwest just before the cairn area and follow the path upwards and outwards towards the viewpoint and cairn. 

At the edge, you can enjoy the view down to Supham and the road out to Hella Ferry Pier, as well as across the fjord to Borlaug, Feios, Vangsnes, Vik, Balestrand and Hella.

Up from Hella you see Eitorn, Rud, the Skarde and Daurmålhaug. Below Mælen you can see the mountain farm Skopasete and the direction of the path out to Eitorn. In a north-westerly direction, over the valley where Kvinnafossen waterfall flows and over Daurmålhaug, you will see towards Storholten, Vassvarden and the ascent to Trodalseggi.

In the northern direction, the mountain Hest towers majestically and calls to you. The next time you start from Engjasete, you are ready for that trip.

Source: Visit Sognefjord AS


Hike to Mælen, Leikanger

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