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Hike to Mjelkhaug from Valen

At Mjelkhaug there is a panoramic view from the top over parts of Sunnhordland, the ocean and fjord, Manen, Englafjell and the Rosendal Mountains and Ulvanoso.




Folgefonna National Park Start and stopping point The Søsterheimen, Valen hospital


Drive into the hospital area from the highway and follow the signs for 300 meters to the Søsterheimen.


T markings and signs. Information Board by the starting point.


Red Challenging hike, four boots according to the DNT system.

Difference in altitude

80 - 1005m AMSL


5 hours round trip

Recommended advice

From the top, one should go to the Mjelkhaugsteinen rock which is located approx. 300 meters east of the cairn. The rock is visible from the ocean and in old times was used as a sailing marker. It is approx. 12 meters long, 7 meters wide and 7 meters tall. You can return by going down to Helland, or over the Svaneheia and back via Nordfjell or Olderbotn.


Follow the tractor road up the hill from the Søsterheimen approx. 200 meters to the intersection. Then go to Varhaugselet via Nordfjell or via Olderbotn. The route via Nordfjell goes up the forest road to the left, which after approx. 1 km turns into a patch towards Kokkelberg and Nordfjell. The route via Olderbotn follows the forest road straight ahead and eventually turns into a path approx. 1.5 km to the cabin in Olderbotn at approx. 400m AMSL.

The open cabin is a pleasant resting place with a beautiful view. There is a Easy hike up to the treeline and further ahead on more flat terrain towards Varhaugselet. The sturdy farmhouse walls were erected around 1860, and the mountain farm was being used until 1905. The restoration has been performed by "Interesselaget for Varhaugselet" (Volunteer Organization to preserve the Varhaugselet), and the mountain farm is now open for everyone all year round. From Varhaugselet there is a steep hill up to the Varhaugen at 775m AMSL. Thereafter is lighter terrain towards the foot of Mjelkhaug.

There is a panoramic view from the top over parts of Sunnhordland, with the ocean and fjord towards the south and west, and Manen, Englafjell and the Rosendal Mountains towards the north and Ulvanoso towards the east.

Source: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland


Hike to Mjelkhaug from Valen

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