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Hike to Skålafjell (Sjethaug) in Sunnhordland

A nice and universally designed hike. Along the way, there are rest areas with a view. At Skjethaug, there is a nice daycabin for hikers, with a great view.




Folgefonna National Park

Rosendal Turgruppe's route map.

Start and stopping point



Fylkesveg road from Rosendal center, 2 km towards Løfallstrand. There is a parking lot where the forest road separates from the highway.


Information Board by the parking lot. There are no markings along the forest road, but there are some signs. The road separates several places, always keep right to follow the route to Sjethaug.



Easy hike, suited for baby carriages, bikes and motorized wheelchairs.

Difference in altitude

30 - 290m AMSL

Estimated time

2 hours round trip

Recommended advice

There are rest areas and viewing areas along the route. From Sjethaug, you may follow the T marked path to a large cairn at Navarhaug, 501m AMSL. From here, there are T marked paths to Vevik, Åsvodl, Kjeldestøl, Skåladalen/Ludnabekk, Nordlifjell and Myrdal. See Rosendal Turgruppe's route map and use your imagination to create interesting hikes.


A good gravel road of 3 km (toll road) with a consistent incline. The road separates several places; always keep right to follow the route to Sjethaug. From the nice rest area at Sjethaug, by the beutilful cottage, you may see Rosendal and there is a wide view of the neighboring towns, mountains, valleys, and the fjord landscape. An alternative is to park by the church and follow the signs to Sjethaug from there. 

Source: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland


Hike to Skålafjell (Sjethaug) in Sunnhordland

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