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Hike to Skåpet in Forsand


The hike to Skåpet in Forsand, Ryfylke, is an easy and child-friendly hike. Here you can spend the night in unique design cabins.

Skåpet is located at Soddatjørn lake in Forsand, and is the gateway to the route network in the Frafjord moors on the south side of the Lysefjord. The unique cabins have a modern architecture that blends in with the magnificent scenery.

How long is the hike to Skåpet?

The hike to Skåpet is around 7 kilometres round trip. It's an easy, child-friendly hike that takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes each way from the car park in Vinddalen. Skåpet is a great place for a short holiday for families with children and friends travelling together.

How to get to Skåpet?

To get to Skåpet, you need to drive to Forsand, on the south side of the Lysefjord. Follow the signs to Øvre Espedal and then on towards Vinddalen. Drive the road to the end and park in the car park (fee).

When is the season for Skåpet?

The main season for Skåpet is from May to the end of October. It is possible to hike all year round, but there may be snow in the winter.

Tour description

From the car park at Vinddalen, cross Vinddøla on a bridge and follow a good path that winds between trees and rocks into the pine forest. After a few minutes you pass a red cabin. The hike continues through Tyrejuvet, partly on an impressive stone-set and constructed footpath. On the marsh within the gorge, there is a trail junction for the hike over to Fossmark and Skrøylå. The hike continues through the valley east of Krylryggen and through smooth birch forest to Skåpet.

Important info for the hike

Wear good shoes and bring warm clothes

Remember food and drink

Great swimming opportunities in Soddatjørna lake

Lots of berries in the moors around the cabins

Packing list for mountain hikes – and everything else you need to know to go hiking in Fjord Norway

Accommodation at Skåpet

At Skåpet you can stay in the self-service cabins of the Stavanger Trekking Association. The unique cabins are designed by Estonian Koko Architecture + Design.

The concept consists of one main cabin with a shared living room and kitchen, as well as a couple of bedrooms and a loft (12 persons). The rest of the beds are distributed in 6 separate cabins around the terrain. Up to five people can sleep in the small cabins, which have full-length panoramic windows facing Soddatjørn.

Here is more info about the cabins.

Other tour suggestions

If you want a spectacular view of the Lysefjord, there is a fantastic viewpoint at 666 masl, about 1.5 km from the cabins. To get here, hike along the east side of the lake and aim for a steep cliff below Skåpknuten. At the back of the cut, cross the valley and head left up a ridge that leads you straight out to the view. Here you can enjoy great views towards Kallali and all the way to Lysebotn.

You can stay overnight at Skåpet as part of Lysefjorden Rundt, which is one of the Norway's most spectacular long-distance hikes, recommended by the Norwegian Trekking Association. Along the Lysefjorden Rundt you will find the world-famous attractions Preikestolen, Kjerag and Flørli's 4444 steps.

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke


Hike to Skåpet in Forsand


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