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Hike to the old yew at Varaldsøy

This is a pleasant hike for the whole family through a beautiful forest area.




Norway 1:50 000 sheet 1215 11, Varaldsøy. Folgefonna National Park Folgefonna – Hardanger fjord

Start and stopping point



From the ferry dock in Varaldsøy, follow the main road for approx. 1 km. Turn right at the intersection immediately after the chapel (large white building on the right hand side). After 500 meters, turn left by the Øyerhamn sign. Follow the road for approx. 5 km. to Glebakka, there is a sign on the right side of the road. Park at the lumber storage yard by the river.

Signs and Markings

Information Board at the starting point. T markings and signs.


Green Easy hike, one boot according to the DNT system.

Difference in altitude

230 - 280m AMSL (Above Mean Sea Level).

Estimated Time

1 hour round trip.

Recommended Advice

The river by the parking lot is the source of drinking water at Varaldsøy, please show consideration. The Taxaceae (Taxus baccata) is the largest of its kind in northern Europe. It is protected by Norwegian law. The tree is hollow.


There is a forest road going northeast from the parking lot along the left hand side of the river. After 400 meters, the forest road crosses a stream while the path to the Taxaceae goes along the left bank for 200 meters, almost to a cabin. Then the path goes to the left up the hill to the Taxaceae. This is a pleasant hike for the whole family through a beautiful forest area. The path may be a be difficult to find due to vegetation.

Source: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland


Hike to the old yew at Varaldsøy

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