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Hike to Tjoberghaugen

Nice and easy walk to the historic location Tjobergshaugen.




Fritidskartet Halsnøy–Fjelberg, scale 1:20 000

Start and stopping point

The parking lot by the Halsnøy Shooting Range south of Lake Fjellandsvatnet.


Drive past the traffic roundabout at Tofte and turn towards Høylandsbygd/Sydnes. Turn right towards Sydnes after approx. 500 meters. After passing Lake Fjellandsvatnet, drive approx. 200 meters on the straight road. Follow the sign by the side of the road to Tjobergshaugen and turn left towards the parking lot approx. 100 meters. Do not park in such a manner that you are hindering traffic in or out from the forest road. Note! Whoever uses the shooting range, has the right to use the parking lot. If there are patrons present, please park along the road.


Information Board by the parking lot. Signs and T Markings


Blue. Easy hike, one boot according to the DNT system.

Difference in altitude

20 – 176m AMSL to Tjobergshaugen. 30 – 220m AMSL round trip via Håfjellet.

Estimated time

2 hours round trip 3,5 hours via Ørnareiret and Håfjelle.

Recommended advice

Monitor your children at the top. There is a high cliff towards the northeast. There are some wet and soft areas, use mountain boots or rubber boots. The round trip via Ørnareiret and Håfjell is recommended, see under "Overview". Overview Follow the marked route from the parking lot and turn right up the forest road, and continue on the path towards Tjoberg. Go up at the north side of the hill. You may want to visit the marked spring close to the top. Notice the defense walls and you may wish to visit Tjuvhola at the top.

Information and myths on this historic location at Tjobergshaugen can be found in the book at the top. If you wish to extend the route and turn it into a round trip, you can follow the signs and markings down the path to Ørnareiret from Tjodbergshaugen and continue north on the path towards the top of Håfjellet. Continue north for approx. 300 meters to Flatberg, where the new path turns west and goes back to the shooting range.

Source: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland


Hike to Tjoberghaugen

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