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Hike to Vikefjell

A hike to Vikefjell mountain along the postal road. From the top you'll have a great view in all directions, over the see and mountains.




Folgefonna National Park

Start and stopping point

Valen church


Valen church


There are no markings along the road. There are signs where the path separates from the gravel road in Teigadalen, and from here the path is marked with plastic markers that are hanging from the trees.


Blue, Medium hike.

Difference in altitude

40 - 200m AMSL

Estimated time

1,5 hours round trip

Recommended advice

The beginning of the path may be soft and wet, please use appropriate footware. Alternative access to the Postvegen Road can be from the parking lot at SparValen (Grocery Store). Walk through the Eplehagen subdivision to the Postvegen road towards Teigen/Husnes. Use your imagination to create interesting hikes, starting from Postvegen.


Along the highway for approx. 300 meters and then up the gravel road by the Solfeng subdivision to the Postvegen in Teigadalen. Approx. 100 meters after the top (towards Teigen/Husnes) there are signs where the path to Vikefjell separates from Postvegen. From here the route is marked with plastic markers hanging from the trees. From Vikefjell there is a beautiful view in all directions, from the ocean to the mountains. There are few places as easily accessible to the spectacular view over parts of Sunnhordland and Valen and its neighboring villages.

Source: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland


Hike to Vikefjell

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