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Hike up Mount Løvstakken - one of Bergens seven mountains

Enjoy the spectacular panoramic view from the top of Løvstakken. Only 10 minutes by bus from the city center to the start of the hike.

Mount Løvstakken is 477 meters above sea level and is the highest mountain west of the city center. The highest of the seven mountains is Ulriken with 643 m.a.s.l

There are several hiking trails to the top of Løvstakken, the most common one starts at Løvstakkveien 51, close to Danmarksplass.

Public transport:

The best way to get to the beginning of the hike is to take the bus from the city center. From Olav Kyrres gate E you can take bus number 10 to the stop called Blekenberg. The bus takes about 10 minutes.

Next to the bus stop is the supermarket Matkroken. Behind Matkroken you will see the first sign showing you the way towards the mountain.

If you take the Bybanen (Bergen Light Rail) from the city center or the airport, the closest stop is called Danmarksplass and it will take you approximately 15 minutes to walk to the start point.


There is limited parking close to the starting point and we recommend that you park in the area around Danmarksplass or at the indoor parking at SolheimsGarasjen. From the garage it takes you 15 minutes to walk to the start point.

Tour start:

From the sign behind the shop, follow the shortcut by the steps. Take a left when you get to Løvstakkveien. At the t-junction take a right and continue straight ahead. The start is at the end of the road. You will see a signpost with a map showing the different routes to the top.

To the top:

From the starting point you will see the gravel road going alongside the mountain. Cross this road and follow the hiking trail straight ahead. After a while you will pass a big rock that says “Jesus lever”. Then you know that you are on the right track. 

As you pass the tree line, the trail is mostly on mountain rocks, before you get to the top. At the top you get a panoramic view of Bergen city center, the seven mountains surrounding the city and all the way towards the airport and beyond.

Please note that when heading back down, the track is more challenging to follow. Mostly because there are several trails going in all directions and it is easy to suddenly follow the wrong one. However, this is one of the most popular hikes in Bergen and you will definitely meet friendly locals along the route that can guide you on to the right track. 


The hike to Løvstakken is 2,2 kilometers and takes approximately one hour up and a bit shorter coming down. The hike can be done all year, but is best between May and October. During the winter it can get slippery as a large part of the hike is on mountain rock only.

Bonus tip:

It is normally a bit windy on top, so bring a hoodie or a scarf, even if the weather is nice when you start. Then you can relax in comfort while enjoying the breathtaking view.

Would you like to combine the hike up Løvstakken with a walk along Løvstien, you can read more about Løvstien here.

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Source: Visit Bergen


Hike up Mount Løvstakken - one of Bergens seven mountains

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