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Hiking: Lissfjellet / Såålevuernie 658 masl.

Lissfjellet/Såålevuernie is strongly recommended for those who want a somewhat easy mountain hike with excellent views of Lake Limingen/Lyjmede and the centre of Røyrvik. The hike is approx. 2,5 km each way, with 230 meters of elevation. Path is signposted according to national standard.

Directions: From E6 take the Fv 773 road towards Røyrvik, follow the road to Gjersvik. Park by the old hotel by the junction, before Røyrvik. Initially you will walk along the old Gjersvik road.

Sleep, eat, see and do:
Røyrvik Gjestegård (, Visit Børgefjell (, Tundra Tours (

Download and print trail description: Lissfjellet.

Source: Visit Namdalen


Hiking: Lissfjellet / Såålevuernie 658 masl.

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