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Hiking: Tjærma / Tjiermejaevrieh

The hiking trail to lake Tjærma/ Tjiermejaevrieh runs through easy terrain with a slight elevation and some marshy areas.  The trail is 3 km one way. On arriving at Tjærma you will see two beautiful small lakes where large trout resides. Buy a fishing licence in the tourist information office in Røyrvik. Tjærma used to be an area for gathering reindeer for the Sámi, with remnants of traditional peat huts.

Directions: From E6 take the Fv 773 road towards Røyrvik, follow the road to Gjersvik. Park by the old hotel by the junction, before Røyrvik. You can also park in the parking area between Gjersvik and Bjørkvatnet. The hike will be quite a bit longer from this starting point.

Sleep, eat, see and do:
Røyrvik Gjestegård (, Visit Børgefjell (, Tundra Tours (

Download and print trail description: Tjærma. 

Source: Visit Namdalen


Hiking: Tjærma / Tjiermejaevrieh

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