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Hiking: Vattatuva 412 masl.

Steep path, with views towards Rosset and Elstad on the way. From the top you get a lovely view of Harran and Heimdalshaugen/Aajmehtaelie (1158 masl). The hike is 2,5 km one way, with an elevation gain of 275 meters. Vattatuva is named after the wooden beacon (used for signal fire) on it, the northernmost beacon in Namdalen. It was put into operation for the last time around 1800 and was on standby with a full crew from summer 1808 to the spring of 1809.

Directions: From E6 drive towards Lakseakvariet approx. 3km south of Harran. Informational sign in the parking area. Walk across E6 and follow the pedestrian path for approx. 400 meters, then turn left onto a gravel road. Follow path up through the forest, above the railway tunnel.

Sleep, eat, see and do:
Grong Hotell (, Langnes Camping (, Namsentunet (, Rønningen på Veium, Jørem – opplevelser ved Namsen (, Strikkeburet (, several eateries in Grong and Harran. 

Download pdf of trail description: Vattatuva. 

Source: Visit Namdalen


Hiking: Vattatuva 412 masl.

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