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Hiking/Cycling: Saksvassveien / Saaksenjaevrien geajnoe

Saksvassveien road is an excellent trip by bicycle, with a push chair or for wheelchair users. The road is 5 km each way and runs along the beautiful lake Vektaren/Vuaktere. Throughout the walk you will have a great view of the Dærga mountain range. Can be combined with a longer cycling trip in the Røyrvik area.

Directions: From E6 take the Fv 773 road towards Røyrvik. From Røyrvik centre drive approx. 1 km eastwards on Fv 362. You will see parking and signs for the trip on your left.

Sleep, eat, see and do:
Røyrvik Gjestegård (, Visit Børgefjell (, Tundra Tours (

Download and print trail description: Saksvassveien.

Last updated: 07/05/2019

Source: Visit Namdalen

Hiking/Cycling: Saksvassveien / Saaksenjaevrien geajnoe

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