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Hiking map for Ullensaker

Hiking suggestions in Ullensaker

Here you will find great information about all the marked hiking areas around Ullensaker Municipality.

Ullensaker Turlag and Ullensaker municipality have for several years collaborated to sign and mark hiking trails to the delight of hikers.

There are now about 110 km of marked hiking trails in Ullensaker. All trails are marked in accordance with the Norwegian Tourist Association's own marking standard with signs and blue markings on trees and poles. There will be separate map lookups in central locations. The trails run in woods and fields and there are therefore some wet areas.

Areas marked:


Langelandsfjellet and Rambymarka


Jessheim Nord


Nordkisa hiking area

We hope the maps will help people to get out on a trip, and feel free to get people to go to new places where they are not so familiar from before.

The maps are available on the hiking team's website and the municipality's website.

The maps are also available in printed format at City Hall / Library, Volunteer House at Jessheim, Jessheim shopping center and in all KIWI stores in Ullensaker.

In addition, the hiking trails will be available on

Source: Visit Greater Oslo


Hiking map for Ullensaker

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