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Hiking route: Oftenåsen with the worlds largest garden chair

Follow the troll path to the top!

The trail from the parking lot to the top of Oftenåsen is quite short (approx 2.2km), and when new troll and fairytail figures lurk around almost every turn, the trip becomes extra exciting for the youngest hikers. A trip up to the World's largest garden chair along the Troll path is a must on a family vacation in Steinkjer.

Open kiosk on Sundays
Oftenåsen with the Peilehytta is a natural recreation area in Steinkjer. At the top lyou will find the Peilehytta cabin (serving refreshments Sundays 11-15) and there is a fantastic view over Steinkjer city, the fjord, Ogndalen, and southwards towards the lake Leksdalsvatnet with Hermannssnasa mountain top looming in the background. At the top, you will also find the world's largest garden chair. During the summer season, the kiosk is open every day.

There is a rich network of trails around the hill, and these are well marked and developed. There are primarily two trails up to the Peilehytta; The Troll trail (formerly Tranaleia) and Ainnervein, both starting at Skotvoldgruva where there is a parking lot. Once you reach the top, the trip to the transmitter should also be included, just a few hundred meters extra and even more views to the north. The trail is steep but not particularly long, no special skills required. Sneakers can be worn comfortably.

Directions to the parking lot / starting point Skotvoldgruva
The main access to Oftenåsen is Skotvoldgruva, located within Trana farm on the city side of Steinkjer. To reach the parking lot from Steinkjer town centre, take off from rv 762 towards Ogndal from Kongensgate.

Then turn right onto Otto Sverdrups veg (in the middle of a sharp turn). Follow this road which further on becomes Tranaskogvegen. Continue straight until you reach the parking lot on your right. From there, there are marked trails up to Oftenåsen.

Click here to view the GPS track.

Source: Innherred Reiseliv


Hiking route: Oftenåsen with the worlds largest garden chair

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