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Hiking Route: Vangshylla

Start your trip by Skarnsundet Fjordsenter at Utøy, Inderøy municipality. Good parking facilities. To get to the start of the trail, take to right between the houses and follow the road a few hundred meters to the information board. Then follow the red markings between houses and cottages through the woods.

The trail passes alternately on the trail, road and grass in the landscape. The trail goes over lawns  and enclosed land and you are encouraged to show respect where the trail crosses the gardens and close to the cabins and houses.

From Skarnsundet the trail is quite steep in places, total elevation difference is 263 meters, but the  trail is well secured with fencing.

Several places along the trail there are small coves and bays suitable for swimming, there are also a number of picnic areas with tables and benches and a few shelters. The trail can be walked in parts, back and forth in its entirety, with a car or bicycle waiting at the end by Hågåholmen/Vollholmen.

Source: Innherred Reiseliv


Hiking Route: Vangshylla

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