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Hiking suggestion: Flyvollen - the place where Henry Rinnan was apprehended in 1945

If you want to know more about one of Norways most despised man from WWII and enjoy a hike in the Verdal Mountains, you can go to Flyvollen in the Verdal mountains This is the place where Henry Rinnan was apprehended after intense days in May 1945. The Kjentmannsmerke Verdal has marked an 8.6 km trail to Flyvollen, and there are information boards that recount the arrest at the end of the hike. You can find the detailed trail description on

In May 1945, while all of Norway and Europe celebrated peace, armed conflict and gunfire still raged in Verdal. In the Helgådalsfjella mountains, the hunt for one of Norway’s most despised men was in full swing. Henry Oliver Rinnan, leader of the infamous “Sonderabteilung LOLA” (also known as the Rinnan Gang), served as Gestapo’s most effective and ruthless tool in Norway. He operated alongside his most loyal accomplices and gang members.

Just a week after Rinnan’s attack on the Norwegian resistance in Verdal, they fled through the same areas that many others had traversed during the war to escape Rinnan’s clutches. Their goal was clear: to reach Sweden. However, Rinnan had no helpers in Helgådalen. There were no local resistance guides who could safely lead him across the border. Even the local guide failed them. During those days, all eyes were on Helgådalen in suspense. “The whole valley” was mobilized and more or less involved in the operation. Alongside some of his most loyal aides, Rinnan met his fate in the Helgådalsfjella mountains.

Ironically, when they were captured, they were actually in the area of Milorg’s refugee route. Two skilled refugee guides from Helgådalen, Ole and Olav Sagvold, played a significant role in Rinnan’s arrest and the capture of part of his gang.

It was at Flyvollen that Rinnan was apprehended. You can read more about the dramatic pursuit of the Rinnan Gang in the Helgådalsfjella mountains from between May 10th and 15th, 1945.

Directions to the starting point: Follow FV 757 past Vuku and Kleppen until you cross Grythølbrua, where the road changes its name to Veresvegen at the junction to Ottermoen. Continue along the road until after Djupdalen, then drive up the hills and park on the left side of the signposted road.

Source: Innherred Reiseliv


Hiking suggestion: Flyvollen - the place where Henry Rinnan was apprehended in 1945

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