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Hiking Suggestion: Støypet and Ørnerovet on Leka Island

The story about Ørnerovet, the eagle incident, put Leka on the map in 1932.
Three year old Svanhild was taken by an eagle and flown away. Just like with
fairy tales however, this story also ends well. The girl was found alive on a
mountain ledge after 7 hours.

The trail to Støypet and to Ørnerovposten starts in a large parking area in Kvaløya
on Leka. Signposted parking with a picnic area and binoculars. The trail is marked
and after a while it divides into two trails, one towards Støypet and one to
Ørnerovposten. The rounds stones at Støypet have many different shapes and
fascinating colours. The trail towards Ørnerovposten can entail some scrambling,
but the view from the end of the trail is lovely. On Leka you walk among colourful
rocks from the deepest part of the ancient seabed. There is both gold and platinum
in the thin, black stripes in the yellow rock.

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Last updated: 02/03/2022

Source: Visit Namdalen

Hiking Suggestion: Støypet and Ørnerovet on Leka Island

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