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Hiking to Nipkollen in Nannestad

Panoramic view from the tower!

The tower on Hasleråsen is a destination many people know, and there are many routes up to the top that have a lookout tower and a gap hut.

One of the routes is around 5 km and then it starts from the car park at the old nursery on Dal, at the end of Haslervegen. Follow the dirt road for a short distance until you come to an intersection, if you like hilly terrain, take the shortest, but more difficult, road up to Svinåsen. The other road is a dirt road, and then with uphills.

When you reach the top of Svinåsen, you have a long way to go, 900 meters with slightly more demanding terrain. At the top you can sign in the book and go up to the top of the tower,

Hasleråsen is a hill on the border between Eidsvoll and Ullensaker. The highest point is 348 meters above sea level and is located in Eidsvoll municipality. Åsen's southern part is in Ullensaker municipality, and here is also the highest point in the municipality, 313 m above sea level.

Source: Visit Greater Oslo


Hiking to Nipkollen in Nannestad

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