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Hiking to Nipkollen in Nannestad


The trip that suits everyone!

The trip to Kopperudtoppen, which is located in Hasleråsen, is suitable for everyone, and at the top you can enjoy the view both from the new tower that has been erected and take a break in the beautiful gapahuk.

Park at the old Hasler garden. The trip is about 3 km each way. You can also walk from Finstad by Løkenvangen, via paths from Nes or via blue markings on the light trail from Ullensaker nord.

Kopperudtoppen is the highest point in Ullensaker, 313 m above sea level, in the very north of the municipality, up to the border with Eidsvoll

Last updated: 03/26/2024

Source: Visit Greater Oslo

Hiking to Nipkollen in Nannestad

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