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Østre Toten

Hiking to Tjuvåskampen

Tjuvåskampen, 812 m above sea level, offers spectacular views of Toten and beyond. 
The entire peak hike takes approx. 2 hours incl. break.  

Route description to Tjuvåskampen
Follow route 33 from Lena and Skreia towards Øverskreien, and then continue towards Oksbakken. 
​​​​​​Park your car at Oksbakken, and continue on foot along Totenåsstien for approx. 1 km up through the forest, across marshland, and onto the ridge leading to the top. From here, the trail continues uphill on a rocky and grassy, and at times boggy, surface.

Peak hike to Tjuvåskampen
After approx. 1 km and a total elevation gain of 300 metres, you will see the cairn at the peak standing at 812 m above sea level. The topographic panorama shows the name of most of the peaks and hills visible on the horizon. 
On a clear day, you can see all the way to Gaustadtoppen to the west, and Norefjell, Vassfaret, Vangsfjell, Synnfjellet, Jotunheimen and Rondane to the east.
To the south is Torsæterkampen, which the highest peak in Østre Toten at 841 m above sea level. 

After a well-deserved break at the top, the trip continues down the ridge. As you reach a small crest, the scenery opens up on the western side of Tjuvåstjernet and offers beautiful views with a glimpse of Mjøsa and Totenvika. Also in view is the lush Toten landscape around Balke church where the pilgrims’ path meanders from the Kolbu villages and across to Mjøsstranda. 

Halfway along the crest, at an approx. 100 elevation loss from the top, turn off from Totenåsenstien and onto the blue-marked trail heading left in direction Hutjerna which is located along the route between Oksbakken and Langsætra. After a steep downhill section across marshland and through a fir-tree forest, you have reached the road. Continue for some 1.5 km back to your car.

Show consideration during your visit, and follow these basic guidelines: 
• Adhere to the code of conduct for public right of access
• Park at designated car parks and campsites
• Take your litter home or use the bins provided
•  Remember the rules for keeping dogs on a lead; respect campfire bans and restrictions, and use designated sites only
• Try to use local shops along the route
• Drive nicely, but not too nicely – keep up with the traffic
• Last, but not least; ENJOY your trip at Totenåsen

Enjoy your trip!

Source: Visit Innlandet


Hiking to Tjuvåskampen

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