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Historic village walk in Flørli


Join a guided hike in the roadless village of Flørli, midway in the Lysefjord, and learn about the unique history of the the former power society.

The power society Flørli - a historical gem.

Learn about Flørli's unique history and join a guided walk in the village. The guides tell about the history of construction, from the time Flørli was a living power society and bridges the current Flørli. They adapt the round to the participants' physical abilities. If everyone is good enough to walk, the trip goes up the steep path in the village, otherwise they tell just as entertaining among the buildings on the plain by the fjord. The tour is suitable for adults and children, but content is primarily intended for an adult audience.

Contact Flørli 4444 on tel. 0047 902 65 133 or if you would like to join a guided walk in the small village.

There is a cafe and several accommodation options in Flørli.

Last updated: 09/11/2023

Source: Reisemål Ryfylke

Historic village walk in Flørli


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