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HUB Riding at Vrådal

HUB Riding in Telemark, motorcycle riding on winding roads. Stay at Straand Hotel in Vrådal and enjoy new and exciting driving routes every single day.

The HUB Riding opportunities in Telemark are absolutely fantastic for you who enjoys motorcycle riding on winding roads through spectacular nature.

HUB Riding
Straand Hotel in Vrådal now offers HUB Riding. HUB Riding is a concept where you stay in the hotel and enjoy new and exciting driving routes every day. No more tedious transport stages or straight stretches. Here you get to experience driving routes with swings and great terrain, gravel and asphalt, and beautiful nature experiences, without having to move your pack.

8 routes and route combinations
You can choose between 8 routes and route combinations that make it possible to choose day stages of anywhere between 5 and 25 miles with varying degrees of difficulty. The trails can be combined and built as you wish. In the evening, return to the hotel's charming rooftop terrace to enjoy good food and drink and perhaps meet other bikers.

Guided tour with Ralf
There are several unknown, exciting areas in West Telemark. To experience these places, you can join the hotel's own local guide, Ralf. He has worked at the hotel for 20 years, lives in Kviteseid, and has over the years gained invaluable knowledge about this area. He can guide you around the great sights Vest Telemark has to offer, whether it is food experiences, culture, spectacular nature or viewpoints. He can of course also guide you through the established routes. A day with this mood spreader of a Biker Dude offers motorcycle experiences you will never forget. 

Contact information.
If you have any questions, please contact the hotel for a no-obligation chat about your preferences. They can put you in touch with Ralf to find out which trip or trips are suitable for you.
Get in touch for prices and package solutions.​​​​​​

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HUB Riding at Vrådal

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