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Humbar - a bar!

Welcome to Humbrygg and its very own microbrewery pub, Humbar!

Humbar microbrewery pub is in an ideal location on the “northern side”, next to the waterfall. We enjoy sunshine all day through during summer, and restaurants such as Peppes and Gledeshuset are within easy reach. Humbar opened in 2020, and is today one of the most popular pubs in Hønefoss.
This, we believe, is down to our friendly regular clientèle, an excellent selection of beer, wine and drinks, a cosy atmosphere and interior, our skilled and welcoming staff, and plenty of popular events such as tastings, quizzes and concerts. We also offer “beer tasting paddles” for those who would like to try our different local products. If you have not been yet, this is definitely an establishment well worth a visit when in Hønefoss.

Humbrygg is a brewery in the heart of Hønefoss, and is located in the old venerable premises of Narum bakery, known as Narumgården, in Norderhovsgata 10. As you pass by on your way to KUBEN or Søndre torv, you can often smell wonderful aromas of grain and hops. Humbrygg started its production in 2018, and has since then focused on a wide selection of beer types based on high-quality ingredients and no shortcuts.

This has resulted in collaboration with numerous local producers, as we are all proud of our Hønefoss background and do what we can to promote the region. Our products are available in most of the region’s grocery stores, we offer tastings at hotels and restaurants, and we enjoy some national presence in a few state-run off-licences (Vinmonopol), entertainment venues and Gulating shops.

Our brewery also has an outlet where we sell our own products as well as beer from “best-buddy breweries”, and also items from local producers such as Røyse Bærpresseri, ASK, Hringariki Kaffebrenneri and Thorbjørnsrud cheese. Gift sets are available on order or while you wait, and are ideal for any occasion. These have proven highly popular, and are always well received!

Among our most popular services are beer tastings, which are held regularly in the pub, at hotels or at other establishments, and we also welcome guests for a friendly guided tour of the brewery. We are passionate about beer culture and brewing, and there is nothing we enjoy more than getting together at a beer tasting for a fun and informal beer talk.

These are perfect for groups of 6-40 people as we have plenty of space in our bar (small groups only for guided tour and talk in the actual brewery; please contact us). Tailored events with finger-food, dinner or other catering can also be arranged. Before you leave, you can buy your favourite from our outlet (if still within the permitted alcohol selling times).

Guided tour of the brewery, dinners/catering, and large and small tastings are also available by appointment. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on what is happening at the brewery.

Follow in the footsteps of Peder Balke at Toten, and enjoy some of the best food and cultural experiences the village he so loved has to offer today.
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Last updated: 01/02/2024

Source: Visit Innlandet

Humbar - a bar!

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